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LTEK Solutions Professionals will design for you a robust IT management strategy that fits your specific requirements and needs. Your business’ future depends on it.


Is your IT infrastructure working for you or against you? Are you swamped with tech issues and ignoring your bottom line?
Whether you need an expert at hand or IT leadership full time, LTEK Solutions has the solution. Our Virtual Chief Technology/Chief Information Officer (vCTO/vCIO) outsourcing services give you access to experienced, high-level professionals who can bring C-Level leadership to your team without the cost and commitment of full-time executive-level employees.

IT Vulnerabilities Assessment

Are there weak points in your IT defenses? LTEK Solutions has developed a comprehensive tool: Information Technology Assessment (ITA). We provide an in-depth analysis of all your crucial technology to evaluate against best practices and gives you a roadmap to leverage your IT.
Our comprehensive compliance testing and analysis determines how to improve security, including establishing safer computing protocols, updating settings, and purchasing up to date equipment.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Will your business be able to recover from a disaster? LTEK Solutions provides robust and flexible models for our client’s disaster recovery. Our specialist Disaster Recovery Consulting Team will help you devise a near bulletproof Disaster Recovery Plan, so that peace of mind is not a slogan but a way of life.
We create a recovery plan with step-by-step procedures to ensure quick restoration of IT operations.

LTEK Solutions design robust IT management strategies that fit your specific requirements and needs. Your business’ future depends on it.

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