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LTEK Solutions was founded by IT innovator and architect Thomas Dhumad based upon his 20+ year career in helping companies architect and manage their IT resources. This level of experience has allowed him to observe the decline in business technology innovation as companies have to focus on managing costs and training, certifications and current trends.

We believe our customers should be focused on running their core businesses and not their technology. Technology should leverage core business not the other way around.

That’s where we come in!

We can help you keep things running as well as leverage today’s technology trends to improve the performance of your core business.

With an excellent staff of certified network technical consultants and support staff, we are able to move quickly to anticipate your needs! This means that we have all the expertise that you’ll ever need.

Today’s IT is not just about keeping your company’s servers and emails running. We know that is important, but to be competitive today you need to focus on what we call Innovation Technology – those technology drivers such as big data and mobile apps that can drive your company’s profitability and sustainability. We can blueprint and implement both for you. We know IT!”

Thomas Dhumad – Founder and CEO


LTEK Solutions is committed to assisting our clients in boosting their business productivity and profits through the integration of Innovation Technology and Information Technology.

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